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Special Exhibitions

Exceptional installations fill Park Avenue Armory's first floor historic rooms which include the Colonels Rooms (all originally designed by the Herter Brothers), the Library (designed by Associated Artists - Louis C. Tiffany and Stanford White), and the Staff Parlor. Be sure to visit the breathtaking exhibitions presented by Silvia Furmanovich, Lillian Gorbachincky, Studio Greytak, Avoirdupois, Peter Lane Studio, Didier Ltd, Unica, Nathan Litera, and Trove Wallpaper.

Didier Ltd

In the South Hall

Didier Ltd is a gallery unique in specializing in jewelry made and designed by painters, sculptors, architects and designers from the late 19th to the end of the 20th century.The gallery will be presenting a selection of jewels created by Modern Masters, by painters and sculptors whose artworks are collected and prized internationally although their contributions to jewelry design might be less well known. All these jewels have been acquired from the secondary art market and with the benefit of hindsight so that the pieces selected truly reflect the artists’ oeuvre. Furthermore, the gallery will be concentrating on jewelry by women artists who often started by making pieces for themselves, so that the jewelry they wore became an extension of their artistic persona.

LALANNE - Lupins a.jpg

Nathan Litera

Under the Grand Staircase - Right

Nathan Litera is a Paris-based designer and architect who started his career as an architect at John Pedersen Fox in New York, later joining the Atelier Jean Nouvel in Paris and the office of Joseph Dirand Architecture. In 2014, Nathan Litera founded his office in Paris with Lyatt Samama.


At Salon, Litera will present his very first furniture collection Altana. The collection is inspired by the architecture of Venetian Palazzi, a distinct crossroads of Italian Gothic architecture and Byzantine influences. The pieces evoke the details seen in these palaces with references to the quatrefoil - the ornamental design resembling a four-leaf clover - and lancet arches.

Nathan Litera.jpg

Studio Greytak

In the Colonel's Room

Studio Greytak is a conceptual art project by John Greytak in Montana where he explores the intersection between design by nature and design by humans.


Studio Greytak is bringing the wonder of the Montana landscape to Salon Art + Design, transforming the Park Avenue Armory’s Colonel’s Room into an immersive experience. Within this magical environment, Studio Greytak presents its Universe collection. This series explores the mysteries of our world through gems and minerals and their roles in Earth, Sky, Sea, and Space. Using these jewels of the Earth as a starting point, Studio Greytak mimics the tools of nature to create pieces that defy scale. 

Jupiter_Studio Greytak.jpg


In the North Hall

Unica, an Italian-based studio specializing in luxury bespoke furniture, celebrates originality through avant-garde designs and extraordinary works of art made for settings with distinguished personalities. Unica believes the spaces we live in are an extension of our personality and contribute to our overall happiness. The studio offers unique products that bring spaces to life through their shapes and colors. Designed with premium materials and finishes, through artistic visions and innovative processes, Unica furniture creates spaces filled with magic and personality.


At Salon, Unica will debut a table from their Fioriture collection.

Rosae Rosae Rosae Table_Unica.jpeg

Dia Art Foundation

In the Drill Hall

A dynamic and carefully curated resource for artists, scholars, and art lovers alike, Dia Art Foundation’s two brick-and-mortar bookshops are located in Beacon in the Hudson Valley and New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Considered the premier art bookstore in the Hudson Valley, Dia Beacon’s bookshop offers a variety of publications to complement the museum’s exhibitions and collection as well as volumes about the Hudson Valley. A focused purveyor of unique artist-centric publications, the bookshop at Dia Chelsea honors its history as an influential site for artist experimentation and programs. Both bookshops are the primary retailer for Dia’s collectible monographs on artists, anthologies of artists writings, and exhibition catalogues.

Dia Bookshop.jpg

Lillian Gorbachincky Atelier

In the Parlor

An acclaimed musician/songwriter, as well as a painter, sculptor, designer and inventor, Lillian Gorbachincky brings a musical dimension of resonance and harmony to her artwork, sculptures, furniture, lighting and architectural finishes which grace some of the world’s finest homes and prestige establishments as Dior, Chanel, Tiffany & Company and Graff Diamonds. Lillian Gorbachincky Atelier proudly debuts at Salon Art + Design with a symphonic installation in the Parlor, where visitors are swept into a magical world inspired by Lillian’s whimsical painting “Amygdala,” which echoes the color and textures of her breathtaking precious hand-painted wall-coverings, fireplace, mirrors, tables, seating, lighting, as well as other collectible design and art on display.

Lillian Gorbachincky.png

Silvia Furmanovich

In the Library

Silvia Furmanovich is a Brazilian jewelry designer led by an innate curiosity for and deep exploration of handicrafts and techniques from around the world.


The brand, celebrated for artfully minded, artisan-crafted jewelry, most recently expanded to wood marquetry handbags and jewelry boxes. The natural evolution of these objects is now coming to fruition as a new line of objects for the home: stools, mirrors, tables, trays, vases and bowls. Constantly driven by the desire to create and expand the notions within the field of design, Silvia Furmanovich will unveil an installation that pays tribute to the Amazon rainforest.

Silvia Furmanovich_edited.jpg


Under the Grand Staircase - Left

Trove is a modern photographic wallcoverings design house based in New York City. Their custom print to order images are organic and large scale. Founded in 2006 in New York City, Trove is led by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who are both accomplished artists and the creative force behind the brand.


The resulting wallcovering designs by Trove push the limits of scale and repeat with unique patterns that are 12 feet high and 3 to 6 feet across. As the founding partners of Trove, Levin and Buck aspire to merge art, design, and craft – mixing traditionally recognized decorative elements with nontraditional application and eco-friendly materials.

Trove Anthropos Print_edited.jpg

Peter Lane Studio

In the Drill Hall

Peter Lane is a New York-based ceramic artist who specializes in large-scale architectural installations, monumental furniture, and decorative objects. Raw and refined, brutal and elegant, his practice is based in hand carving techniques inspired by the materials itself.


This will be the first time a partner is presented in the Drill Hall to best present the work Lane has created specifically for Salon Art + Design. Each wall of his booth will be clad in a ceramic wall sculpture, complemented by site-specific furniture.

Peter Lane Studio.tif
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