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In lieu of a live, in-person fair, we are pleased to announce the production of a luxurious print magazine: Salon–The Intersection of Art + Design coming to mailboxes and on-line this November. Executive Director, Jill Bokor, along with other Salon team members, cut their teeth in the editorial and publishing industries before pivoting to fairs.


“Many of us, with a professional background in magazines, combined our editorial and visual skills to bring events like Salon Art + Design to life. We are now returning to our roots, translating the DNA of the fair into a collectible, thoughtful publication, which celebrates the unmatched quality of our exhibitors, collectors, and guests.” says Bokor.


At over 144 pages, Salon–The Intersection of Art + Design interactive print and digital magazine will feature multitudes of striking, cutting-edge modern and historical pieces presented by the top US based and international galleries in their fields. Editorial pieces written by Benjamin Genocchio, Melissa Feldman, and others will be featured, as well as Q&As with Wendy Goodman, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Glenn Adamson, Charles Zana, and other art and design experts. QR codes and links will take readers to additional digital content such as videos, bios, piece descriptions, and more. Salon-The Intersection of Art + Design is produced in association with Cultureshock Media.

Please sign up on our Mailing List to keep in touch and receive news on the latest for Salon, the fair, and Salon–The Intersection of Art + Design. Plans are underway for Salon Art + Design November 11-15, 2021—our 10th year anniversary—by which time we hope that the world will be in a considerably brighter place.

Salon Leadership

Sanford Smith


Jill Bokor

Executive Director


Jennifer Stark

Managing Director

Nicky Dessources

Logistics and Fair Operations Director

Wendy Buckley

Partnership Director

Nora Wimmer

Digital Marketing Manager

Kaori Kurihara C
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If your gallery is interested in exhibiting at Salon Art + Design, please email a letter of interest to Jill Bokor.

For partnership inquiries please email Wendy Buckley.

For press inquiries please contact Salon Art + Design

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