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November 14 - 18, 2019

Preview Evening

Thursday, November 14

4pm - 9pm


First Look: Preview to Benefit Dia Art Foundation

4pm Entrance


Tickets available at the door.


Collectors Preview

(by invitation only)

5pm Entrance


7pm Entrance


Open Hours

Friday, November 15

11am – 8pm

Saturday, November 16

11am – 7pm

Sunday, November 17

11am – 7pm

Monday, November 18

11am – 5pm


Open Hours

November 15 - 18


Run of Show Tickets

$55 at the door only.


Students (with valid ID)

$10 at the door only.

For group rates, please email

Booth Talks

Wexler Gallery, Booth A5

Friday, November 9


Wexler Gallery artist Heather Ujiee will discuss her newest installation Endangered Species, exhibited in booth A5. Ujiee, a textile designer who creates large-scale allegorical narratives that utilize analog and digital craft and technology, js preoccupied by the dichotomies within the human condition, and notions pertaining to gender, mortality, existence, and sexual identity. Much of her work is informed by historic iconography and nature studies, as well as representations of endangered species, and the oncoming Anthropocene. All of her textile work is a synthesis of several methods of artistry, including painting, drawing, stitching, and printing with innovative large-format digital printing technology. Ujiee says, "I hope my digitally printed textile installations ignite deep spiritual forays into the imagination, and generate personal reflection on what is hidden, whether it be our own personal demons, or our lust for life."

Todd Merrill Studio, Booth C4

Saturday, November 16


Todd Merrill Studio will host a gallery talk with five international artists - Brecht Wright Gander, Lionel Jadot, Jean-Luc Le Mounier, Stefan Rurak, and Alex Roskin - each with a singular artistic vision and unprecedented point of view. In creating unique works of collectible design, each artist takes a hands-on approach that intersects contemporary design, fine art, traditional craft techniques, and pioneering innovation. Individually, through meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous studio experimentation, each has developed leading-edge, proprietary methods that break previously set inherent limitations of conventional materials. Collectively the artists are helping to create a new visual vocabulary while advancing long-held, established artistic boundaries.

Heritage Gallery, Booth A16

Sunday, November 17


The Soviet Union left behind a vast design heritage that is largely unknown in the West. Yet a remarkable variety of original styles emerged from behind the Iron Curtain,especially in the field of interior design.

Kristina Krasnyanskaya, Heritage gallery’ founder and curator, Head of the development Committeeof State Museum of Modern Art in Thessaloniki – Costakis Collection,will give a comprehensive survey of seven decades of Soviet design from Constructivism and the revolutionary avant-garde to late Modernism.

Heritage gallery will also present Soviet Design book, the first definitive reference in English on the subject, published at Scheidegger & Spiess.

Salon Conversations

Taking place in the Armory's Field and Staff Room, Salon Conversations give visitors a chance to join discussions on a range of topics with the top experts in the fields of art, design, jewelry, collecting, and more. Conversations will include an audience Q & A. Conversations are free with a ticket purchase or a Collector or VIP card. Advance reservations are suggested and can be obtained here.


Designed for Living Well

Friday, November 15


Moderated by Annie Block, Executive Editor at Interior Design magazine, a Conversation with Visionaries from The XI, Dorothée Boissier of Gilles & Boissier, Neil Jacobs, CEO Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, and Adam Rolston, Creative and Managing Director, Partner at INC Architecture & Design in conversation about great interior design, health & wellness, and travel today. 

Sponsored by The XI and Six Senses

Collecting Fine Jewelry in a Sustainable World

Saturday, November 16


A conversation around jewelry collecting in the 21st century and beyond. Currently, many collectors are holding items such as ivory and coral that are shunned in the market. The extraction of these materials is not sustainable and harms our environment; therefore, they are not in high demand. The future of jewelry collecting is sustainable, natural, non-synthetic, ethereal, and respectful both to the environment and the people sourcing it. This conversation brings together like-minded fine jewelry professionals, who can act as a concrete resource to collectors looking for guidance in the art of collecting jewelry. As insiders in this field our goal is to promote the best artisanal practices this industry has to offer.

Sponsored by The Protagonist curated by Vogue Italia

Art of Living—Designing for Collectors

Saturday, November 16


Integrating interior design, fine art, and collectible design is a challenge today, as the lines between these disciplines grow less distinct. Design journalist Pilar Viladas and three leaders in the design field, Achille Salvagni, Amy Lau, and Robert Stilin will discuss the ways in which designers create interiors for collectors of art and design, and how designers approach creating one-off and limited-edition objects that appeal to collectors. At a time when the lines between art and design are becoming increasingly blurred, the topic is a timely one.

The Importance of Antiques and Vintage Pieces

Sunday, November 17


Join The Gallery at 200 Lex for a panel on the importance of antiques and vintage pieces across all styles of design. Panelists include Emily Collins, Director of the Gallery at 200 Lex and designers Lizzie Bailey of Story Street Studio, Kati Curtis of Kati Curtis Design, Philip Gorrivan of Philip Gorrivan Designs and Brett Helsham of Brett Helsham Designs.

Sponsored by 200 Lex powered by InCollect

Material Affects—A Conversation with Mathieu Lehanneur and William Hanley, Editor in Chief of Dwell Magazine

Sunday, November 17


The Paris-based designer Mathieu Lehanneur is known for work that defies easy interpretation by evoking mysterious or cosmic forces and enacting tricks of perception that give his objects a sense of playful ambiguity. At Salon, William Hanley and Mathieu discuss perception, magic, and play, in Mathieu’s recent work. Including his installation “Soldier’s Retreat,” which plays off of its location in the Colonels Room at the Park Avenue Armory. “I wanted to create a space absolutely isolated from the turmoil of the world. A place where time is suspended, an Eden’s Garden. Like a peace found after the battlefields.” Lehanneur says.

Sponsored by Mathieu Lehanneur

Beyond Aesthetics: The Soul of the Artisan

Sunday, November 17


Wider accessibility to goods and craftmanship once considered nearly unattainable has redefined the concept of luxury design to emphasize the experiential – pieces imbued with a narrative that evokes an emotional response. In the hands of artisans, traditional and historical references become modern, relevant, and meaningful. Design doyenne Margaret Russell leads a panel discussion on bespoke and limited-edition furnishings, focusing on exquisite materials, impeccable design, and flawless handcrafting—as well as the idea of how artisanship today can be enriched by state-of-the-art technology. Margaret is joined by deeply creative, highly influential leaders in the world of luxury design, including Frank Pollaro, president and CEO of Pollaro, Gabriel Hendifar, creative director of Apparatus, and Yolande Milan Batteau, the creative director of Callidus Guild.

Sponsored by Pollaro


Designer Tours

Top designers and architects conduct tours of the fair, highlighting their favorite pieces and pointing out trends in the design world.

Advance reservations are required and can be obtained here. Tours are limited to 16 guests. As a courtesy, please only sign up for ONE tour.

Alexandra Champalimaud

Friday, November 15


Alexandra founded Champalimaud in Montreal, Canada and quickly established a reputation for developing bespoke designs of the highest caliber. Born and raised in Portugal, Alexandra received her early education in Switzerland and England. Alexandra brings a dynamic intellectual curiosity and an absence of pretense to her work. Drawing upon a wealth of personal experiences and professional commissions throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, her work is known for subtle references unique to her multi-faceted vantage point.

Kristen McGinnis

Saturday, November 16


After grooming her skills for five years within the interior-design industry, she opened her New York-based firm, Kristen McGinnis Design, Inc., in 2005. Kristen was one of a select group of designers asked to design a room for the 2013 Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Showhouse. In their inaugural launch of the Top 20 Young Designers, Traditional Home Magazine selected McGinnis as one of the few to watch. Recently McGinnis was honored by the International Furnishings and Design Association as a Rising Star of Interior Design.

Amy Lau

Saturday, November 16


Founded in 2001, Amy Lau Design creates interiors known for their warmth, expressiveness and impeccable attention to detail. Amy has a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural materials, landscapes, and thoughtfully incorporates elements of each into every project. Lauded by Architectural Digest for her “All-encompassing vision of inspired, artful living that elevates mere finesse into the realm of pure magic,” Amy’s aesthetic embraces both art and design, where each personalized space is enlivened with dynamic mixes of vintage and contemporary pieces and site-specific commissions.

Dianna Karvounis and Vivian Philippa

Saturday, November 16


Dianna Karvounis, partner at Anaktae, is an industrial designer with a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New

York. She previously ran her own design studio producing furniture and lighting for high profile clients such as Nike, Grecotel Hotels and Astir Palace.

Vivian Philippa, partner at Anaktae, studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. Her broad experience includes theatre and museum design, the restoration of historical buildings, hotel refurbishment and landscape design.

Richard Rabel

Sunday, November 17


Richard is the creative eye behind Richard Rabel Interiors + Art, Ltd., a Manhattan studio offering interior residential design, decorating and art advising services. His is an eclectic modern aesthetic of clean lines with a preference for infusing the design of his rooms with a tightly curated selection of antiques, 20th / 21st century masterworks and bespoke detailing. His studio was selected for New York Magazine’s Best of New York Design and by Sotheby’s to design a room for their prestigious Designer Showhouse. Richard Rabel Interiors and Art, LTD. was recently tapped to design a space for the renowned Kips Bay Designer Showhouse in New York.

Sandra Nunnerley

Sunday, November 17


Sandra Nunnerley’s thoughtful approach to design begins with understanding the needs of her clients along with the architecture of an interior. Sandra examines and interprets how people find comfort and purpose in any space—and then expands it to include deft interplays of color and texture, seamless juxtapositions of the contemporary and traditional, and subtle details that meld form and function. With her studio, Sandra delivers high-end residential and commercial projects that are grounded in a sophisticated understanding of architecture, with special attention to the role of art, while also communicating the desires of the people who inhabit each of the interiors. 

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