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Salon Conversations

Jewelry Collecting in the 21st Century: Artistic Vision, Gems, and Ethical Considerations in Contemporary Studio Jewelry

Presented by Elevated Matter

Sunday, November 12, 3:30 p.m.

What makes jewelry collectible? Wit, imagination and artistic vision transcend and inform formal considerations in the creation of studio jewelry. What exactly are the distinctive factors that earmark a jewel as collectible? And how do we come to recognize them in the work of contemporary studio jewelry? How can viewing skills and techniques as natural resources have real-world benefits for artisans in our own communities as well as abroad? How might notable and natural gemstones be seen as integral to the stories that studio jewelers are telling, as well as central in the movement towards responsible practice? This panel will be followed by a Q+A.


Lisa Koenigsberg at Salon Art + Design.jpeg

Lisa Koenigsberg

President of Initiatives in Art and Culture

Chris Davies Salon Art + Design.jpeg

Chris Davies

Founder, Elevated Matter Gallery
Jewelry Artist

Ari Levy at Salon Art + Design.jpeg

Avi Levy

President of International Gemological Institute (IGI) 

Bella Neyman at Salon Art + Design.png

Bella Neyman

Co-Founder of New York City Jewelry Week

David Nassi Salon Art + Design.jpeg

David Nassi

President of 100% Natural Gemstones LTD

Andy Lif Jewelry at Salon Art + Design.jpeg

Andy Lif

Jewelry Artist

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All Salon Conversations are open to all and free with admission. Conversations are held in the Board of Officers room. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before Conversations begin to ensure seating.

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